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Solidity Services is a Europe based professional blockchain services network providing assistance in technology implementation and actively supporting global adaptation across various industries.

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R&D and Project Incubation

We are continuously monitoring the market for the new use cases. By keeping our knowledge up to date, we are able to deliver the solutions that the stakeholders at different industries are seeking.

In-House Startups

Our research does not stop at resulting in proof of concept reports and case studies. Our ideas with the most potential are taken to the next level in a form of spin-off companies.

Galaxis Network is a Blockchain based digital asset management platform powered by smart contracts on Ethereum. The platform provides an end-to-end service for client onboarding, asset management and portfolio tracking, resulting in saving time and effort for hedge funds and portfolio management companies to manage and launch digital asset portfolios.

Defactory is an automated solution for the rapidly emerging digital asset industry, offering a way for anybody to create digital assets according to the use case they are after. By combining a user-friendly interface and a smart contract framework behind, Defactory provides is a quick, cost-effective and transparent way to speed up the tokenization process around the world.

The Inventori platform is a blockchain-based product tracking and chain of custody solution providing a more efficient process for digital inventory management across multiple parties in a trustless environment where the flow of assets and related information is governed and verified by public smart contracts.

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